The Many Uses Of Avon’s Skin So Soft

Avon Skin So Soft

  Just look at the list of uses we’ve found, “ tried and true”

1.   It’s a bath oil.

2.   It’s an after shower moisturizer.

3.   It can be used to remove make-up.

4.   It’s a suntan oil (no sun screen).

5.   Pour a little in your foot saver to moisturizer while you relax.

6.   It’s a hot oil treatment for your nails.

7.   It’s a good massage oil for sore overworked muscles.

8.   It’s a good insect repellent for people and pets ( as recommended in Outdoor Life and Field and Steam magazines ).

9.   It relieves itching from insect bites and dry skin.

10.  Sponge on screen and around doors and windows to keep bugs out.

11. It’s a good cleaner, conditioner, and polish for natural wood.

12. Cuts grease and dirt from kitchen cabinets with ease.

13. Removes gum from hair, skin, carpet, and, most non-porous surfaces.

14. Removes tags and labels from glass, metal and, most plastics

15. Cleans tape from bandages off skin.

16.  Cleans ink off skin, painted surfaces, and most vinyls.

17.  Cleans grease and oil from skin, non-porous surfaces, and ultra suede.

18.  Removes soap scum from all shower and kitchen fixtures.

19.  Removes lime and hard water deposits.

20.  Removes tar from car without damaging paint.

21.  It’s a oil lubricant for pipe joints.

22.  Removes paint and stain from skin.

23.  Cleans paint brushes.

24.  Cuts grease and dirt from range hoods.

25.  Removes candle wax  from furniture, carpets, and clothing.

26.  Removes scuff marks from patent leather shoes.

27.  Removes liquid nail.

28.  Removes two glasses stuck together.

29.  Removes  ring around the collar.

30.  Cleans vinyl surfaces in car, also removes odors.

Extra benefit softens your hands while you clean.


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