The Many Uses For Avon Bubble Bath


  Avon’s Bubble Bath

1.  Zillions of bubbles that leave no bathtub ring.

2.  Wash cars, and recreation vehicles.

3.  Use it as a laundry detergent.

4.  Use it for hand washables.

5.  Use it for pre-soaking heavy soiled laundry.

6.  Use it to wash windows.

7.  Use it to wash appliances.

8.  Use it to wash no-wax floors.

9.  Use it to wash dishes.

10. Give pets a bath.

11. Cleans bathroom fixtures and mirrors.

12. Use it to shampoo carpets.

13. Use it to wash walls and ceilings.

14. Use bubbles and a sponge to shampoo furniture and

vehicle interiors.


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