Let's talk about sex

In this room you will find sexual related topics such as what works and what doesn’t in regards to toys, sexual devices, positions, oral sex, sexual tricks and secrets to having better sex, sexual fetishes, kinky sex, exhibitionism, erotic massages and dancing. You will also find out about the world of the adult lifestyle that includes the rules of swinging, girl/girl sex, threesomes and moresomes.  If you have a secret to great sex then please feel free share it with others here by emailing me and I will be happy to post it here in this room.

For over 25 years I have been in the adult world either selling Lingerie and Adult Products at clubs, special events and house parties. I have had a lot of fun with this business especially when it comes to meeting other women and having fun sharing intimate moments with them. I have also earned their trust in the area of their sexual secrets. I have also been in the world of the Adult Lifestyle where I have been exposed to anything you can think of when it comes to sex.  I was like many women who were clueless when it came to sex. I figure why not share my experiences with others so they won’t be clueless.

More topics for discussion will be added each week in the subjects below.

Sexual Information
Swinging 101
show and tell
our bodies
Romantic Ideas
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