You can get a pretty good idea about a person (man or woman) who says “I don’t understand the big deal about lingerie. It’s just going to be removed as soon as the clothes come off.”  I usually tell them “You’re really missing the whole point of Lingerie. Who says it has to be removed right away. Who says it is only meant to be worn in the bedroom.” I also say “If Lingerie wasn’t all that important than why do men go crazy for those fun silky, lacey things or in some cases, get caught wearing it themselves. It is the essence of a woman to be associated with sexy lingerie.” No one says it has to be tossed on the floor but, it sure says a lot in a PG movie scene.

I enjoy going to the Lingerie Expos so that I can actually meet with the makers of all of the Lingerie companies and see all their new lines of Lingerie.

Because of my personally wearing and selling these items at home parties I know what product looks nice when you’re wearing it and which ones are better made.

I also know how it is important to offer lingerie for the plus size girls so I make sure the companies I use carries clothing for all the ladies.

If you ever have any questions, I am always available to answer your question.  If you don’t see it here then ask and I can probably find it for you.  (Don’t forget to check out the sites “the Buzz” where you will find out some interesting history on Lingerie along with other fun adult related issues). Thank You,


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